PG&E Electric & Gas Designs

With extensive experience in PG&E Gas & Electric Design, we produce the most effective, capable, and cost-efficient systems possible.

PG&E Approved Designs

We have extensive experience in PG&E Electric & Gas Design for local service providers, residential communities, and commercial developments. We work closely with our engineering team to produce the most effective, capable, and cost-efficient systems possible.
  • Tarrar Utility Consultants prepares and processes detailed gas and electric design approved by PG&E.
  • Our designs conform to PG&E’s company standards.
  • Tarrar Utility Consultants has been the leading edge in utility design since applicant design has been approved by the CPUC as a permanent option.
  • Our expertise in this area enables us to help meet the growing and changing needs of the building industry.
  • We provide guidance and influence over the planning and design process offering flexibility and preference.
Our team will coordinate the Electric & Gas plans with PG&E and civil engineer for Review and comment until all conflicts are resolved.

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