Tarrar Utility Consultants

We take pride in creating innovative solutions, each custom-tailored to the project at hand.



The complex and often chaotic utility industry is defined by a quickly evolving landscape of changing regulations, advances in technology, and shifting community and customer expectations.

Because we specialize in keeping abreast of all standards and practices, legislative changes, and current technologies, we are able to effectively navigate the industry and guide our clients through what can appear to be challenging and complicated processes.
Utility companies today struggle to keep up with applicant demand, and often lag months or even years behind schedule. An enormous investment of time and energy is necessary to keep multiple utilities on schedule for a given project. Our company takes this process out of the client's hands: we manage all communication with the various utility companies to ensure project goals and deadlines are met, and that specifications are within utility guidelines so installation can be completed on schedule and on budget.

Our staff is comprised of utility design, engineering, and management professionals with experience working for utility companies as well as private design consulting firms.

​​​​​​​This cross-spectrum compliment of skills allows us to fully understand all the issues, and to enable us to meet each client's needs while satisfying the operating requirements of the utilities and governing jurisdictions.

We offer a variety of services, from planning and design to due diligence and cost estimating, drawings and EIRs to contractor bids and construction coordination. Whether you are seeking a street lighting design for a single-family development or a joint trench for a commercial installation, we take pride in creating innovative solutions, each custom-tailored to the project at hand.