Keeping your project on track - 

We know that one of the most important factors to a successful project is the ability to get the job done on time. We would like to take a moment to review a few keys factors that can help us in ensuring that we do what we can as a consultant to keep your project flowing on time and with as minimal delays as possible.

PG&E Requirements:

With such a high demand for new business projects PG&E has advised us of a few specific things that not only can but most assuredly will delay your project process:
Complete Applications – A complete application with site plans and all information such as appliance loads, single line diagrams, current contact information and accurate projected construction dates is required to begin the process. An application missing any of the above listed items will not be considered complete and will be put aside until all information is received. 
Design Changes - In the Event that there are changes to the design/site plans PG&E may require the process to start from the beginning.
Engineering Advances or project associated fees –  PG&E will require a payment in advance for your project to cover the cost of an engineering review, design work, and cost development. If the requested Advance Payment is not received within 90 days of the invoice issue PG&E will place the project on hold until the advance is received and reserves the right to cancel the application for non-payment.
Contracts – Your project will not be released for Construction until all contracts have been executed and returned with payment.

Permits, Right-of-Ways, Easements:

Unless otherwise specified in our Scope of Work outlined in your contract Tarrar is not responsible for applying for any permits, right-of-ways, or easements that may be required by city, PG&E Planning Department, or PG&E Land Department. Although this generally is not within our scope of work, we are always happy to add these tasks to our scope of work if requested.

City Submittals, Plan sets, Wet Signatures:

It is critical to the project time line that any needs for city submittal plan sets, or wet signed plans sets be communicated to Tarrar as early as possible. Requests of these nature require special coordination and routing that require more time than normal requests. The earlier on in the project that you and or the civil engineer on the project communicate to your project manager the tentative dates that you will need to have wet signed plans in hand the better. 

Design Team Contact Information:

It is important to provide the contact information of the Design Team (Civil Engineers, Architects, MEP, Landscape Architects, and Geotechnical Engineers) so that coordination can begin. 

Project Needs:

In our experience each project is very different and has varying needs depending on the type and size of the project. Particular tasks that would affect/change the project time line are: 
  • Temporary Power Needs
  • Project Phasing
  • Relocation Work
  • Undergrounding of existing utilities (Rule 20)
  • Project Site Demolition
  • Street Lighting Needs
  • Cut-Off and removal letters
  • Detailed Budget or Cost Analysis
  • MEP Services
Please note:  If there is an outstanding Engineering Advance Invoice for your project at the current time we have attached it to this notice as a courtesy to remind you that in order to ensure your project avoids costly delays please pay the engineering advance invoices as soon as possible.

If you have questions or concerns in general or about a particular project, please contact your project Manager at Tarrar Utility Consultants.

Thank you, and from all of us at Tarrar we look forward to working with you on your Design/Construction Project.