Joint Trench Composite

Joint Trench is an enormously complex discipline which is fast becoming an industry standard. We specialize in joint trench and turn what seems to be a complicated challenge into a seamless process.

Coordinating Your Joint Trench Composite Plans

Our Joint Trench Composite Plans are comprised of:

  • Joint Trench Title Sheet containing the site map, pertinent contact information, legends, approval stamps.
  • Detail sheets of standards and regulations.
  • Trench sections to allow for the installation of electric, gas, telephone, cable, street lighting and or fiber optic facilities.
  • Excavation locations to allow for the installation of splice boxes, vaults, manholes, transformer pads and metered pedestals. 

Our team will coordinate the Joint Trench Composite plans with PG&E engineering team and client for Review and comment until all conflicts are resolved. 

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