Fiber Optics - 

The use of fiber optics has many advantages, including a high carrying capacity, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and the ability to transmit unlimited amounts of information. The world wants information fast, and that’s exactly what fiber optics offer. 
Fiber Optics is an option more and more people are choosing. Fiber wires offer much higher data speeds than traditional wires, about 3 times the transmitting speed! We work with several different fiber optics companies to find the best fit for your project.

We look at which provider has facilities closest to your project, construction costs to bring those services to your project, and overall service costs to help you choose the best company for your project.
We incorporate the fiber optics facilities into our joint trench composite, specifying the length of the conduit and wire needed and how many vaults and which size vaults you will need, and where each of these facilities needs to be placed. We assist your contractor in coordinating with the fiber representative for the pickup of equipment from their yards if applicable and keep the representative informed on when service is needed.

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