Rule 20 Overhead to Underground Conversion

Rule 20 converts the overhead lines with underground utilities. Tarrar works to ensure the designs are in accordance with the applicable utility company specifications

Rule 20 Conversions

Rule 20 converts the overhead line with underground utility (electric, phone, CATV, fiber, etc.) facilities. Cities often require this for new developments and are common for beautification projects/street improvements.
PG&E converts many miles of overhead electric facilities to underground annually. This work is completed by following the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Rule 20 guideline that is an electric distribution tariff. Rule 20 has three sections (A, B and C).
At Tarrar Utility Consultants, we will work with our client to ensure the applicable designs are in accordance with PG&E or the applicable utility company specifications. 

Read more about PG&E's Electric Undergrounding Program

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