Potholing - 

Potholing is the process of digging to expose underground utilities, such as live gas pipes, electric lines, communication lines, and fiber lines to determine the utilities exact depth and location.
Underground utilities are becoming more and more congested as the demand for new infrastructure is increasing.

The hydro vac excavation process uses non-destructive water and air vacuum technology to break up the soil and remove the loosened dirt with no risk of damaging the existing utilities. The excavator creates small holes 8-10 inches in diameter and up to 20 feet in depth to find even the hardest to find services. The holes are then quickly patched up. The excavator device is more compact than backhoes and can fit into even the smallest job sites.

Knowing the exact locations of the existing utilities beneath your project is a very important step in the early stage of your project. Potholing will save you time and money during construction as your proposed wet and dry utilities will be designed to ensure no conflicts shall arise during construction, causing redesigns and delays in your project.

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