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"I have been very impressed by Tarrar Utility Consultant’s constant attention to detail. Their ability to keep the utility companies on some semblance of a schedule is priceless in our industry. A new company that plans ahead, and demonstrates relentless communication. What a concept!"

- Jim Peters
  Project Manager
  St. Thomas Contruction, Inc.
"Working with Tarrar Utility Consultants has been a great experience… the complicated nature of our project was no match for their design and engineering expertise. They came up with a beautiful design that met all the necessary requirements, and even better, within a reasonable budget!"

​​​​​​​- Jamal Rabbani
  Home Advantage Investments
"Thanks to Khalid and his staff at Tarrar Utility Consultants our joint trench projects are being completed faster and more efficiently than any other we have worked with in the past. I was amazed several times over at your level of service as well as your aptitude in the utility industry. Throughout my experience with multiple utility consultants Tarrar Utility Consultants has proven to be a superior team/Company/Consultant on many levels."

​​​​​​​- John Perrone
  Project Manager
  Castle Companies, Inc.
"Excellent work...!!  I must say that you continue to impress me with your intellect, diligence and professional demeanor. It has been a delight to have you on our team. You have a very successful career in the making and I can see it coming just around the corner. I hope that you will remember us and still give us the time of day when you get there."

​​​​​​​- Sal Akhter
  Indus-West Developments, LLC.

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